Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2021 - Hannover

Revised plan for Automotive Testing Expo 2021

Tue, Jun 22 – 23   |   10:00 h

Utilizing the 16,000m2 open-span roof + very low-density exhibition halls with fresh airflow for FULL exhibition displays.

With 'live' autonomous and other vehicle test demonstrations with full 5G at the Messe and the potential for incorporating the Test Bed Lower Saxony Autonomous Vehicle Road Network for vehicle testing and analytics, with data beamed direct to your meeting or booth space.

Meeting zones and exhibition space: 7m-wide aisles, 16,000m2 open-air meeting zone with full company branding, high-speed internet and full 5G + limited low-density exhibition booths in four adjoining halls.


Free: EUR 0.00



Venue details: Hanover Fairground, Messegelande, Hannover, Niedersachsen, 30521, Germany

Hosted by
Dominic Cundy