Injectable Drug Delivery 2021

SMi Group is pleased to announce the third annual Injectable Drug Delivery conference

Wed, May 12 – 13   |   09:00 h
United Kingdom

Part of Europe's leading Injectable conference series, Injectable Drug Delivery will assess innovations in drug product formulation and biologics, innovations in device design, quality management and connectivity for enhanced subcutaneous delivery.

With rapid developments in the parenteral space, the injectable drug delivery market is set to reach USD 902.3 billion by 2027, with an increased focus on patient centricity during DDC development and innovations in device development, including new therapeutic applications such as the delivery of siRNA. This year’s event will focus on advances in drug product formulation and innovations of device design and development to aid delivery.

Furthermore, the conference will assess the evolving regulatory environment of injectable drug delivery with industry and regulatory representatives presenting updates on current guidelines.

The two-day agenda also offers peer-to-peer networking with Global Product Managers, Device Testing Managers, Senior Device Engineers, Heads of Device Development, Heads of Formulation and Drug Process Development, and many more.

The benefits of attending:

This conference offers a chance to learn about innovative injectable drug delivery systems with industrial insights on the following:

- DELVE into the latest work in complex formulation for subcutaneous delivery
- BENCHMARK against leading pharma companies working to enhance device design and development
- UNDERSTAND the regulatory environment of the injectables space from leading regulatory and industry advisors
- ENGAGE in industry case studies on design controls, human factors and parenteral formulation
- EXPLORE advances in connectivity and human factors key learnings in two pre-conference workshops

Additional Contact Info:
T: +44 (0)20 7827 6088
LinkedIn: @SMi Pharma
Twitter: @SMi


General Admission: GBP 299.00

Venue details: Virtual

Hosted by
SMI Group Limited